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Nique Sereen

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Did you think BDSM and Awareness didn't go together?

You are WRONG!
They are like fire and kerosine, making the experience a truly ecstatic event you will never forget!

I am a profesional Femdominatrix with more than 10 years of experience in Barcelona, yet also in the Netherlands, London and Zurich. During those years I enjoyed the art of crafting the very classical Dominatrix sessions.
Yet with time, my interest has diversed onto the more spiritual side of sexuality,
like mindfulness or Tantra.
Now I am using all those dynamics in sizzling hot and deep BDSM-sessions.

So if you are looking for that more fulfilling form of presence in your BDSM-life,
away from the fantasy, yet very present in your body, in the here and now in an altered mind-space,
then you have found the right Dakinatrix for you.
I can be as strict and harsh as I need to be to get you into subspace,
yet from there on you will find the warm trainer-Domme that will take you to places you never knew existed in you!
Aftercare is also a very important issue that is usually not provided in the regular BDSM sessions,
yet for Conscious Kink sessions it's important that you will find a soft landing back into the "real world".

Book your visit to Barcelona with some time ahead,
I prepare all my sessions with great care for every single visitor,
so no same day bookings can be handled.


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